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Nutty November

It's November! While everyone's talkin' about prostates, Davis would want to bring awareness to your balls! He did call himself "The One Bald, Two Balled Man".

One reason Davis started this website is to bring more awareness to Testicular Cancer. Movember is a great time to do this! A few years back Oneball named their Financial Assistance Program in Davis' honour:


Whether you are looking at this blog in Movember or at another time check out Oneball's website. Forward it to the men in your life to bring awareness so they can be "Be Bestes with their Testes". Follow Oneball on Instagram. Talk about Testicular Cancer. Donate to help.

Oneball is a non-profit charity and their Mission is to provide meaningful assistance throughout the testicular cancer journey and destroy the stigma around talking about men’s health, one ball at a time.

Oneball also believes that Cancer is not just a disease, it’s a community. What this means is that if you have ANY questions about cancer or the journey ahead, please feel free to drop them a line!

Davis continues to help others through Oneball. Thank you Oneball for honouring Davis. We hold him in our hearts and thoughts every minute of everyday. Davis - we miss you and love you heart and soul.


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