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Hi, I'm Davis! I'm an engineer, board game lover, and all-around nerd. I was also a cancer patient. I was doing great with the first three, but the cancer part got out of hand (Aug. 19, 2017 to Oct. 26, 2018). In this blog I will share my journey with you along with other parts of my life.  A quick recap, I have gone through 10 cycles of chemotherapy, had a major surgery that removed a kidney and the tumor that killed it, 1 week of brain radiation, and 2 high dose chemotherapy/stem cell transplants. After all of this, my cancer was still lurking. We decided to try  immunotherapy, which isn't covered by our health care. Please see the My Journey tab for details.

So why this blog? 

1) I want to share my story. A lot of people (fortunately) don't have to know what it's like living through cancer (mine is very rare, Choriocarcinoma Non Seminoma, Germ Cell Cancer part of the Testicular Cancer Family), and I want to shed some light on what it's like.  Check out My Journey.

2) Testicular cancer doesn't get as much attention as it should. I want to spread awareness about it and normalize it.

3)  To bring attention to charities that have helped me such as Oneball (Testicular Cancer non-profit charity) and the Matt Cook Foundation (strives to make life better for young adult cancer patients) to name a few.

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