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Stella says where did the snow go?

Updated: May 15, 2023

Stella LOVES snow and is helping One Ball raise funds during Testicular Cancer month. The Davis Falniuk Economic Relief Program (DFER) helps Testicular Cancer Patients in need of financial assistance.

Testicular Cancer can strike at any time, not just during Testicular Cancer Awareness Month (April). Check yourself often, see here to learn more:

As well as awareness around ball health, One Ball is staying focused on the patients they support. Here's some recent feedback:

I was diagnosed at the very end of December 2022 with my second case of testicular cancer. My first was in 2009.

This second diagnosis really had me reeling. I had lost my only remaining parent to Covid in 2020, and was not prepared financially for this blow, let alone physically/emotionally. After going on disability, my company laid off my entire department, and I was given a 500 dollar rent increase. I had burned through all of my life savings just compensating for lost wages, and had nowhere to turn financially.

If it wasn't for Oneball, I would have lost everything. their support through all of this means more to me than I could ever express. The help that exists for sick folks out there is abysmal, the emotional and physical tolls are hard enough- nobody should have to give up everything they have just to fight something they had the misfortune of getting. Thank you endlessly Oneball, through all of the tough stuff going on, you have truly been one of the only bright spots. You'll never truly know the impact you have on the lives of those you help.

Davis benefitted from One Ball, now we are working on supporting others. As Stella said, it takes ZERO balls to make a difference!


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