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Every month is Movember

Men’s Health Awareness, not just in Movember!

Davis started his website to bring awareness to Testicular Cancer, just like Movember brings awareness to Men’s health. Our health – for both men and women is important every day of every month of the year. With Movember behind us, let’s remember how important our health is.

Throughout Davis’ journey he never complained, never said anything negative, never once said “why me?”. His healthy outlook on life, living in the moment, positive mindset and most of all living life to the fullest is a gift he gives us. He led by example! My plan was to write a post for Movember and include more of Davis’ words from his journey – his story. While reading his words, I noticed a theme – positivity, hope, determination, he noticed the little things with comments such as “This was actually cool!”, “best day!”.

Mental health impacts every area of our lives.

Positive mental health includes:

  • feeling in control of your life and personal decisions

  • being able to cope with life's challenges and stresses

  • functioning well mentally, such as being able to focus

  • being generally optimistic about life events

    • this means having hope that good things can, do and will happen in your life

  • feeling physically healthy

  • getting enough sleep

  • feeling like you belong to your community

  • When you have positive mental health, you are able to handle problems and challenges more easily.

At all stages of life, you can build skills to help improve or maintain positive mental health.

Davis’ positive mindset allowed him to live his life to the fullest.

Davis, I see your smile and hear your laughter everyday. I carry your healthy outlook on life and find joy in the little things everyday. Miss you XOX


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