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Davis Falniuk Financial Assistance Fund

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Davis would be honoured to be helping others. He helped many people during his journey by sharing his story and now will continue to support others through the Davis Falniuk Financial Assistance Fund. Oneball has graciously reworked and named their financial assistance fund in Davis' name. Thank you, Oneball. It warms our hearts that Davis will help many young men as they kick cancer in the balls.

A statement from Oneball:

When we were first approach by Davis, everyone at Oneball was instantly moved by his story, and we knew that we wanted to do everything we could to help. As we continued our conversations with Davis, we were sad to learn that there were no resources to help pay for the clinical trial medications Davis desperately needed. Being a small and nimble organization with many survivors on our team, we quickly made the determination that our financial assistance program would not give them the same answer. Oneball's financial assistance has always operated under a simple philosophy of "whatever the patient needs". With Oneball’s support, Davis and his family ran a hugely successful GoFundMe campaign, raising over $65,000 to fund Oneball's financial assistance program, which gave us the opportunity to do what we needed to in order help Davis. Through our journey with Davis, our financial assistance program saw a number of firsts: our first funding of trial medications, our first funding of cannabis products to help his sleep and appetite (signed off by his doctor), and palliative care. We helped, however we could, to satisfy every "what-if" question around Davis’s journey. While the treatments were sadly unsuccessful, we were fortunate enough to help him to spend his final moments with dignity at home with his family. Davis's journey has had a profound impact on myself and our organization, and its effects are still being felt today. To that end, I am excited to announce that Oneball will be relaunching our financial assistance program as the Davis Falniuk Financial Assistance Fund. At the outset, we wanted the new version of this program to be special so that we could live up to Davis’s legacy as best we could. With this new version, we are hoping that we’ve achieved that in some small way. We are proud to say that the Davis Falniuk Financial Assistance Fund will now be 100% digital. This innovative approach will be the first of it its kind in the cancer world in Canada and possibly beyond. Oneball has been working hard with oncologists, nurses, and social workers to validate this approach, and we are all excited at how big of a game changer this will be. Myself being a nerd and engineer like Davis, it’s my hope that he would have appreciated the innovative and techy approach on the program that will now bear his name. We're also excited to share that the funds raised through Davis's campaign have already rendered over $6,000 in assistance to other patients in our testing period, using this new approach. We will be releasing more details around the program once it fully launches over the next few months. Stay tuned! Thank you to everyone for your generous support of Davis and Oneball. Your dollars are making an impact, and it's my hope that with the Davis Falniuk Financial Assistance Fund we can show the cancer world what the future of financial assistance can look like.

Best regards, Christopher Lloyd | President | Survivor Oneball Charitable Cancer Organization


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